Taking place some time after the tv series and video games, .hack //LOTB (aka .hack//DUSK) follows the online adventures of two twins - Shugo and his younger sister, Rena, who haven't seen each other since their parents split three months ago. In an amazing streak of luck, both win the grand prize in CC Company's big game promotion and get to join the game as legendary characters Kite and Black Rose (whom you might recall are the two main characters in the .hack video games).

The twins quickly catch up while exploring the towns and fighting monsters but soon, strange things happen. For starters, a Level 48 Yoroi General morphs into the beginner's area and engages the twins in battle. Shugo watches in horror as Rena's character is killed before his eyes. Just as he's about to face his own death, a strange girl in white appears and gives him Kite's old bracelet. When Shugo awakens, he uses the bracelet to Data Drain the villain and escape.

As Shugo and Rena spend more time online, weird things begin to happen with greater frequency. CC Company representatives open an investigation and are shocked to learn that Kite and Black Rose have been revived. They didn't sponsor the promotion and don't endorse it in any way.

Of course, there wouldn't be much of a story if Shugo and Rena gave up their characters and quit or started over. On the surface, .hack//DUSK starts out fairly light with the reunion of these two characters but the hurt and disappointment the siblings feel about their broken family and current situation always lie in the background. This is obviously a means of escape for them - and a way to escape together.

I can't say I was enthralled with the anime. It's slow paced and I didn't think it fit well within the .hack universe - the ending made no sense to me. It also didn't have the cool soundtrack of the tv series, so no bonus points there.

If you've already watched the tv series and played all four games and still need more .hack, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, if you're new to the franchise, start elsewhere. If you miss this, it's no big deal.

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