The SanjiyanLong before the age of man, legends whisper of the civilization of the Sanjiyan, powerful three-eyed demons that possess the secret of immortality. Yet their fascination with humanity led to their betrayal and slaughter by one of their strongest leaders, Kaiyanwan…

Our blind arrogance has built a civilization that believes only in itself and we preserve our sense of security only by refusing to perceive the dark shadow-world lurking just beneath the surface of our own…

One man, Yakumo, will be forced to confront this hidden world and discover the curse of immortality after his introduction to the last of the Sanjiyan, Pai. What he finds will force him to embrace the demon world to find not only its humanity, but also his own…

(Official Blurb)
Pronounced "Sazan Eyes," this is an anime series based on a best-selling manga (comic) still being produced in Japan, where Episode 7 was recently released. It's not available in the US yet, but hopefully will be soon.

Keep an eye on Ran Pao Pao—she's great!

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Roronoa Zoro (75)

Rurouni Kenshin (40)

Total votes: 115